Glucomannan Weight Loss Side Effects

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Glucomannan is a fiber from the root of the konjac plant. It is often sold as an appetite suppressant. The US FDA has not endorsed its use in any form, while the Canadian counterpart to the FDA has endorsed its use for constipation and the treatment of some types of obesity.

Glucomannan weight loss supplements have recently become extremely popular after Dr. Oz recently highlighted its use. Since it is a fiber, it has the ability to swell in the digestive tract and give the user a feeling of fullness. The fiber may have the ability to absorb excess sugars or fats and therefore it is being looked at as a possible aid for diabetics and those suffering from high cholesterol.

However, there are some glucomannan side effects that users should be aware of before they use the supplement. Users should know that it has the ability to swell up many times its original size. This means that the tablet form can swell up before it actually gets to the stomach which can cause severe esophageal blockages. There is some talk that these types of side effect may have caused hospitalization for some users. Dr. Oz even suggested that the powder form of this supplement be used and added to water or a shake prior to consumption for just this reason. Also the capsule form may help to ensure that the glucomannan powder gets to the stomach before it starts to swell. One also must be sure to consume plenty of water when ingesting this root product. A lack of sufficient water intake could lead to intestinal or throat blockages.

Glucomannan is used to make Japanese shirataki noodles which are often referred to as "miracle noodles" because their ability to satisfy the appetite. It is also an ingredient in lipozene.

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